3D Cone Beam - Advantages | Applications | Procedure

3D Cone Beam computed technology (CT) is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. It is used to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. This transformation from interpreting 2-D information to diagnosing from 3-D imaging, which allows visualization of all structures, is a giant leap which has benefitted dentistry significantly. The images obtained with cone beam CT allow very precise and efficient treatment planning. The radiation from 3D Cone Beam has been scientifically proven to be harmless and insignificant.

Cone Beam which is a diagnostic imaging technology, uses radiation in a manner similar to conventional radiographic imaging, with the difference being that cone beam images are converted into a three-dimensional view that can then be manipulated by sophisticated computer software for a wide variety of applications, including implant, orthodontic, orthognathic TMJ, and diagnostic purposes. These detailed images of bones are used to evaluate diseases of jaw, dentition, bony structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses.

Advantages Of 3D Cone Beam CT:

  • High quality images can be produced with a smaller and less expensive machine that could be placed in an outpatient office
  • Dental cone beam CT is used to produce images that are similar to those produced by conventional CT imaging because focus x-ray beam reduces scatter radiation
  • Cone beam has lower radiation exposure compared to conventional CT
  • A single scan produces a wide variety of views and angles that can be manipulated to provide a more complete evaluation
  • A major advantage of CT is its ability to image bone and soft tissue simultaneously
  • X-rays used in CT scans should have no immediate side effects
  • Dental beam cone CT, provides a fast, non-invasive way of answering a number of clinical questions

Applications Of 3D Cone Beam CT :

  • Commonly used for treatment planning of orthodontic issues
  • Surgical planning for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Accurate placement of dental implants
  • Evaluation of the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals and nasal cavity
  • Detecting, measuring, and treating jaw tumors
  • Determining bone structure and tooth orientation
  • Locating the origin of pain or pathology
  • Cephalometric analysis
  • OHI tooth brushing fones with viberation movie
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Sleep Apnea

Procedure For 3D Cone Beam CT :

  • Prior to the examination, anything which interferes with the imaging, such as metal objects, jewellery, eyeglasses, hairpins, hearing aids etc need to be removed. Even the removable dental work needs to be removed and carried with you for examination.
  • Patients can then lie down on a table or sit on an upright chair during the examination, depending on the type of cone beam CT scanner being used and will be asked to remain very still during the examination.
  • During the cone beam CT examination, the C-arm or gantry rotates around the head in a complete 360-degree rotation while capturing multiple images from different angles that are reconstructed to create a single 3-D image. The x-ray source and detector are mounted on opposite sides of the revolving C-arm or gantry and rotate in unison. In a single rotation, the detector can generate anywhere between 150 to 200 high resolution two-dimensional (2-D) images, which are then digitally combined to form a 3-D image that can provide your dentist or oral surgeon with valuable information about your oral and craniofacial health.
  • The entire process takes less than a minute of imaging. Around half a minute is taken for a complete volume, called as full mouth x-ray. Here the entire mouth and dental structures are imaged and around 10 seconds for a regional scan that focuses on a specific area of the maxilla or mandible.

Once the exam is over, you will be able to return to your normal activities. Once the results are in, your dentist will analyze the images and will discuss the results with you. With the technological advancement in 3-D cone beam imaging, the bar in dentistry has been raised and redefined the standard of care for many areas of dental practice.

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