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Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery incorporates advanced technology along with the skills & experience of a surgeon. This technology offers the surgeon a 10x magnified, high-definition, 3D-image of the body’s intricate anatomy. In dentistry, the robot replicates the dentist’s hand movements while drastically reducing hand tremors. Thus, the surgeon can operate with multiplied precision, dexterity, and control properly, even during the most complex procedures.

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minimally invasive approach, leading to faster surgery, faster recovery

Robot-assisted surgery offers haptic robotic guidance to intensify the skilled implant dentistry teams’ clinical expertise and delivers repeatable surgical precision. It is specifically designed to provide a minimally invasive approach, leading to faster surgery, faster recovery, and less pain for a patient. Robot-assisted surgery is adept with respect to the accuracy, precision, and intraoperative flexibility of surgical platforms. It controls the dental surgeon’s hand to the precise angulation and location for planned osteotomy (customized surgery). Additionally, it helps in excellent visibility in the surgical field that you cannot get anywhere else. What appeals the most is the 3D virtual image of the patient visible to both the surgeon and the patient. This technology tracks and follows the patient’s motion as well, for example, when the drill bit reaches planned depth, this technology provides the dental surgeon a dedicated option for a physical “hard stop.”

If you have issues like a missing teeth, have a broken or decayed teeth that you feel might not be repaired, be rest assured that implants is the solution to it. Implants provide a natural look and feel of teeth! To our credit, Implants Pro Center is the first one to introduce robot-assisted surgery in San Francisco. And we look forward to serving you with this technology.

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