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Living with many or all missing teeth can lead to numerous painful and embarrassing situations that debilitate your daily life. You struggle to feel confident and attractive. You decline foods you once loved. Your health is fading. If you’re in this situation, our team at Implants Pro Center© has a life-changing solution for you. Our smile transformations with full mouth dental implants in San Francisco, CA can permanently restore stable, attractive teeth and a better quality of life—sometimes in just one day!

The Impact of a Smile with Dental Implants

 Full mouth dental implants are the leading solution for tooth loss or failure; full mouth dental implants provide permanent restoration, proper function, and a better quality of life. With strong, realistic dental implants directly improve a patient’s ability to talk, eat, and smile confidently. Patients will immediately feel the benefits of better oral health. No other restorative option in dentistry provides these life-changing benefits— full mouth dental implants do so potentially for the rest of your life. Our full mouth dental implants are unsurpassed in terms of aesthetics, strength, and function. This is the ideal choice for anyone with dentures, are edentulous, or have failing and missing teeth.

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Your Treatment Options

Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Full Arch Fixed Teeth

YOMI Dental Implant technology

A New Standard of Clinical Excellence

Our implant dentist, Dr. Mohamed Ali, provides all phases of full arch dental implant treatment in our state-of-the-art dental implant center, from your first consultation to provisional delivery. He’s trained in all surgical procedures related to your treatment and has placed over 10,000 dental implants. Implants Pro Center© is the first dental implant center in the San Francisco Bay Area to leverage Yomi® robot-assisted technology for placement of both traditional and zygomatic dental implants. This revolutionary new technology provides a vivid picture of the exact location implants need to be placed to optimize long-term function.

Combined with Dr. Ali’s extensive clinical experience, Yomi robotic technology ensures your treatment is completed at the highest level of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. Robotic surgery is also minimally invasive and results in minimal post-operative discomfort and swelling. With superior surgical precision, we can also significantly improve a guarantee of long-term clinical success. As a result, our 1,000+ dental implants placed and 100+ full arch cases completed each year retain both an astounding 99% treatment success rate and truly unmatched prosthetic outcomes. For a lifetime of health and confidence with full arch dental implants in San Francisco, CA, choose Implants Pro Center©!

Our Smile Transformation Process

You’ll first complete a complimentary consultation with our team. You won’t get a cold, impersonal feeling at our dental implant center. We’re focused on providing highly personalized and comfortable care and will always treat you with dignity and respect for your individuality. We’ll discuss your smile goals, your treatment options, intake dental and medical records, and complete diagnostics, including digital impressions and a CBCT scan. From here, we’ll design a custom treatment plan that reflects your specifications, needs, and goals. Any preliminary treatments, like tooth extraction and bone grafting, can be completed soon after this appointment, but may be combined into one procedure with your implant surgery.

Using our digital scans, we virtually map out your dental implant surgery using state-of-the-art planning software. We’ll specify the locations to place the implants in your jaw as well as the exact angle and depth. Then, using real-time haptic guidance of the Yomi robotic arm, we’ll place your dental implants with incredible precision and predictability. Depending on the complexity of your surgery, you may be under IV sedation or general anesthesia, which is administered and monitored by a licensed anesthesiologist. We’ll modify your current denture or fabricate a provisional in our on-site dental lab, ready to attach to the implants once surgery is complete. You’ll leave with functional, attractive teeth!

After surgery, you’ll undergo a healing phase over the next several months. Critical to the long-term success of your treatment, this is when the dental implants and bone are integrating to form a secure and permanent foundation for new teeth. Your final bridge if fixed teeth will be sculpted from a solid block of Prettau® Zirconia–a unique, high-quality material that is exceptionally durable, so it fits comfortably and feels as natural as it looks. Your final bridge is tailored specifically to you using state-of-the-art robotic sculpting. It’s then shaded for a natural look and polished for exceptional fit and feel. When permanently secured onto the implants, it will provide lifelong function and aesthetics!

Affordability Options for Treatment

At Implants Pro Center©, we accept many dental insurances and offer third-party dental financing to minimize your anxiety about the cost of treatment. As a full-service dental implant center, we also bundle fees and can provide phased treatment to help make your new smile affordable. Additionally, unlike other places, we stand behind our work by offering a 10-year warranty on all our treatments. We’ll also care for you even after your treatment is done by providing life-long dental support!

 If you choose to finance your dental implants, this process is simple and fast. Many times, patients receive instant approval, sometimes without a credit check! We partner with Lending Club and CareCredit® and can assist you in choosing the best payment plan for your financial situation. By breaking your treatment costs into manageable monthly payments, we can help virtually all our patients afford a new smile and better quality of life with full mouth dental implants! Find out about your options and begin your journey to a new smile by reserving your virtual or FREE in-person consultation today!

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