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Unparalleled Care with a 99% Success Rate

As one of the first robot-assisted dental implant surgery centers in San Francisco, we’re breaking from the limitations of conventional treatment modalities and setting a new standard in implant dentistry. The result? A truly outstanding experience for every patient, every time. We’re not just providing new smiles—we’re changing lives. Our dedicated team is passionate about implant dentistry and strives for clinical excellence.

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Dr Ali of Implants Pro Center

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Setting a New Standard in Dental Surgery

Our pioneering dentist, Dr. Mohamed Ali, has placed over 10,000 dental implants and completes 100 full arch cases each year, establishing himself as one of the best clinicians in San Francisco, CA. Additionally, Dr. Ali is a leader in Yomi® robot-assisted dental implant surgery. His versatility and profound understanding of aesthetic smile design and dental reconstruction helps him consistently achieve superior clinical outcomes for his patients. With this unmatched level of personalization, we are truly setting a new standard in implant surgery.

Our Unique Advantages

We’re not your typical dental implant center. In virtually every way, we exceed the standards set at these places, while providing more personalized treatments, with greater long-term success.

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Patient Dedication

We treat each patient with dignity and respect for their individuality. Our team strives toward excellence in medical and dental care, with a goal to always provide a successful outcome. We ensure your comfort and confidence in our care through friendliness, communication, and trust. And we’ve invested in the most innovative technologies to provide comprehensive and affordable dental implant care in a single location. Unlike other implant centers, we provide a 5-year warranty on all our treatments and offer life-long dental support, so you can experience the benefits of dental implants for the rest of your life.

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Clinical Experience

Dr. Ali places over 1,000 dental implants each year using digital and robot-assisted technology. Our prosthetically-driven treatments consistently achieve a 99% success rate, far above the national average for dental implants. This clinical excellence is virtually unsurpassed by any other implant dentistry team in the Bay Area. Dr. Ali holds dental degrees from the Aleppo School of Dentistry and the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. He has also held teaching positions within the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Departments of the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, San Bernardino County Medical Center, and Riverside General Hospital.

Robotic Technology

All our dental implant surgeries are guided by revolutionary Yomi robotic technology. Surpassing the current standard in implant placement, our robotic surgery eliminates free-hand techniques and prefabricated surgical guides, along with all associated risks. Instead, it provides real-time haptic guidance during surgery so we can deliver an amazing result with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Minimally invasive and precise, our robot-assisted implant surgery also consistently achieves lasting success.

Office-Based Anesthesia

Our implant center is fully equipped to provide office-based anesthesia services, including IV sedation and general anesthesia. Dr. Ali is certified to administer IV sedation and brings in a licensed anesthesiologist to administer general anesthesia for more complex cases. Our goal is always to provide a comfortable and pain-free experience in a setting that exceeds the safety and sanitization regulations set in place by the American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control.

In-House Dental Lab

To complete your continuum of care, we provide precision-crafted temporary restorations through our in-house dental laboratory. Our team works alongside skilled technicians and ceramists to ensure optimal accuracy and precision of our dental work while producing with greater efficiency and speed. By combining the highest standard in quality control with hand-selected implant systems and restorative materials, we can deliver superior prosthetic outcomes.


Affordable Financing

Remaining dedicated to our patients’ health and wellbeing, we strive to make all our treatments affordable, while maintaining a competitive price. We partner with select dental financing companies, including LendingClub and CareCredit®. Financing is a fast and easy way to secure the funds you need to pay for dental implants in San Francisco, CA. Applicants generally receive instant decisions, sometimes without undergoing a credit check. In some cases, a patient’s monthly payments are comparable to that of a new car payment and at times, even less!

Dental Technologies At Implants Pro Center©

Yomi offers critical insights to assist with personalized surgical planning and guides the dentist’s hand throughout the implant procedure, while allowing for dynamic adjustments per the dentist’s clinical expertise. It also provides a minimally invasive approach, leading to faster surgery and faster recovery with less pain for a patient. Robotic haptic guidance gives the accuracy, precision, and intraoperative flexibility of robotic surgical platforms. Additionally, it aids in excellent visibility in the surgical field that boosts the surgeon’s confidence that you cannot get anywhere else. Hence, in a nutshell, it allows the surgeon to know exactly which direction to go to place the implant properly.

Our CT-scan is designed to be medical grade, typically used in head and neck surgery practices rather than ordinary dental practices. This produces high-definition 3D scans so we can plan your dental implant procedure or other dental treatment more precisely and efficiently than ever before. This latest cone beam CT technology allows us to view all of your teeth and the surrounding bone in 3D. These features make our office particularly unique since our CT scan works in partnership with our YOMI robot and provides extremely precise measures to achieve the highest quality surgical results. Compared to traditional X-rays, cone beam CT scans lead to much more effective identification and diagnosis of oral problems.

Intravenous sedation helps patients get their treatment done while they are asleep. When they wake up, their treatment is complete and they don’t even remember it. It is very rare for a dentist to get IV certification and we are fortunate that Dr. Ali is a certified intravenous sedation provider.

Tooth loss and damage to the jaw bone and tissues are often challenging for your dentist during oral surgery or implant placement. Without enough support in the jaw bone, dental implants cannot be immediately stabilized and tissue healing can be a long process. The solution to these and other difficult situations is a new Platelet Therapy created from your own blood. Leukocyte – Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) promotes healing and bone growth from within your own body using your own blood. With a simple blood draw and an advanced technology protocol, L-PRF is individually made for you – from you. The end results are improved healing response and significantly less recovery time.

Binocular microscope in the surgical room

This device is revolutionary in bone surgery in that it provides precision, safety, perfect ergonomics, safety, and the highest quality. The Piezosurge helps make bone surgeries much safer, since nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissue anatomical structures stay unharmed. This benefits our patients when we operate close to the mandibular nerve or the maxillary sinuses and reduces postoperative discomfort.

Laser technology benefits our patients mainly in gum and periodontal structure treatments. Laser sterilizes the gum pockets around the teeth so that post-treatment gum infection does not occur. Laser also boosts the energy of the cells in the soft tissue of the gums and release growth hormones and cytokines to aid in healing and regeneration of good tissue.


Surgical microscope is used for very precise endodontic and other delicate procedures where precision is required. One of the applications has resulted in the first systemic classification of tooth cracks and fractures. Most of these types of cracks are not visible without high magnification (16X) and would therefore go undetected even with loupes.

Digital X-rays offer a huge advantage in early detection and preventative services. Advanced image manipulation and analysis allows Dr. Mohamed Ali to detect early stages of gum disease through recognition of bone level changes.

 An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny video camera moves around inside of your mouth and generates a live video exam of your teeth. Using an intraoral camera allows patients to better understand their dental treatment by viewing what Dr. Mohamed Ali sees while having it explained to them.




CEREC® CAD/CAM is the epitome of modern dentistry. In just 2 hours, you can have a crown! There are no temporaries and no need for a second visit. CEREC® CAD/CAM is less invasive, provides a precise fit, and delivers durable, natural looking crowns.

The oral-cancer screening device called VELscope is used during routine examinations to detect pre-cancerous lesions. If any of our patients have any pre-cancerous trace in their mouth, we can detect it right away and advice the best way forward. This is huge for patient safety because the early discovery of oral cancer makes a huge difference in the success of cancer therapy.

Glycine spray under controlled pressure is proven by the dental literature to be very safe and more effective in removing the bacterial film, without causing scratches to dental enamel, root surfaces, dental implants, or any other restoration materials. Glycine also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be very beneficial to the treatment of periodontal disease. 


All our surgeries are medically monitored and we make sure we take full care of our patients before, during and after their treatment. The pulse oximeter placed on the fingertip will read the oxygen saturation of your blood to assure enough oxygen is getting to the brain so the surgery takes place smoothly.

Electronic dental records are an integrated part of our practice management system. Our paperless system delivers electronic charting, digital imaging, and enhanced case presentation where it is needed most, chairside. It helps keep our practice ready to adapt to any futuristic modern technologies, all while staying green and kind to the environment.

The Extraoral Dental Suction System is designed to reduce droplet and aerosol spray that is an inherent part of dental care. Aerosols are usually attached to the dentist’s body during treatment. The safety and health of your dentists and staff are vital to patient care and practice success. Extraoral Dental Suction System removes the droplets, aerosols, and blood splashing from the very origin, excluding the scope of attaching to the dentist’s bodies during treatment. This is used to eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses, and contamination, protect the dentist, the staff, and the patients.

Hospital is a place which is already full of people with weak immune systems, and they’re already unhealthy. They might also get a new infection by the poor-quality air and catch the virus. Through Air Concept’s air purifier filtration system, patients will feel in good health with fast recovery. Upon the speedy recovery and discharge, they appreciate that you are doing everything to provide clean, fresh air while removing indoor contaminants. And our commercial air purifiers provide dual filtration

Provides enhanced bonding (osseous integration) of implants to bone by treating dental implant surfaces with UV rays (photofunctionalization). Dental implants typically only have 45-55% of their surfaces active for bonding to the surrounding bone when first taken out of the vial/container. When treating dental implants with photofunctionalization, the percentage of active surfaces on dental implants more than doubles to 98.2%, which contributes to more stable implants placed in the bone and a better overall surgical and healing outcome.

Patients who have parafunctional habits (grinding and/or clenching) will unintentionally subject implants to excessive and premature stresses, which could contribute to implant failures. To provide patients with proven relaxation of overactive muscles and prevent implants from failing, we provide Botox injections to alleviate the associated risks with parafunctional habits.

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