Laser Technology For Dental Implants


What is a Dental Laser?

The PerioLase MVP-7 1064 Nd:YAG dental laser is unlike any other, and is distinguished by its unique feature of emitting wavelengths at 1064 micron (the same electrical wavelength naturally emitted by the body). By introducing the laser to our red blood cells, growth hormones and healing factors are induced, resulting in faster repair of bone and soft tissue following surgery. This laser is applied during surgical placement of the implant(s). Once applied, healing of the bone and gums surrounding the implant site begin. This is crucial for people with underlying health issues, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and age associated conditions. Laser stimulation is especially beneficial for patients with chronic dental conditions, allowing them to heal fully and consistently.

periolase mvp7 model blue
dental lab being used by rda

Our Fully Digital Dental Lab

Our digital dental lab is the first of its kind in San Francisco. We utilize the most precise technology, enabling us to fabricate prosthetics of the highest standard with unmatched quality compared to conventional dental labs.We work with the most biologically compatible dental material in dentistry. This is the key to longevity for prosthetics and dental implants. We take pride in crafting our prosthetics and are always striving to closely replicate a natural looking smile. Our team is happy to show you our facility!

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