Dental Care Covered by Anthem BCBS

Dental Care Covered by Anthem BCBS

Bay Area's most sought-after implant dentist Dr Mohamed Ali (San Francisco) is now accepting patients with Anthem BlueCross BlueShield PPO medical insurance for their dental care. “We constantly strive to come up with new ways to take the best care of our patients. We not only want to take complete care of your oral and overall health, but we also want your treatments to be convenient.”, says Dr Ali.Based on our research, we have realized that Anthem BlueCross BlueShield is a very common medical insurance, which will benefit many of our patients. We are very happy and excited to announce that this step of ours has already helped many of our patients immensely. They get their treatment done in a stress-free manner and can lead a happy and healthy life.” The condition of teeth, gums, and mouth is important to entire body’s long-term health. Oral health also impacts an individual’s confidence in the smile and every first impression they make. Having good dental condition not only regulates a healthy lifestyle but also significantly affects an individual’s growth in career. In today’s day and age, confidence is key to success. Many people lack this confidence since they are not comfortable with the way their teeth look or their mouth smell. This heavily affects both personal and professional life. Yet, most people keep delaying their treatment due to financial issues. Dr.Ali and his team have realized this major issue and decided to resolve this in the best way possible.

Hear from one our patients who dental care is taken care by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield:

“My life has changed ever since Dr.Ali and his office have started accepting Anthem BlueCross BlueShield medical insurance policies. I came to Dr.Ali with acute pain in my jaw. I needed relief but was also concerned about finances. Dr.Ali examined me closely and detected the problem instantly. He suggested tooth extraction along with placement of growth hormones to make me heal fast and gum graft. Then, I was told that my medical insurance will also be accepted. This was such a relief. I got my treatment done and my medical insurance was a great support. Many of my friends have also benefited immensely. I am very thankful to Dr.Ali for taking care of me. I could feel that he really cares about his patients.” Medical Insurance at our Implants Pro Center™ Call Us At 415.481.0778 To Schedule Your FREE Consultation With Implants Pro Center™ Practice San Francisco

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