Dental Implants & Bone Grafts Cost Covered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

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Dental Implants & Bone Grafts

Recognizing the dental needs of our population in San Francisco Bay Area, Implants Pro Center™ found by Dr. Mohamed Ali has made a specific effort to welcome patients covered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield PPO medical insurances for dental implants & bone grafts. Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, provides dental services that are unparalleled in quality and aesthetics. With a team that is not only tremendously talented but also holds the best credentials. Patients will expect nothing but the best in terms of technology and results when visiting our dental office. “We believe your wellness is our priority. Good oral health is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We understand that there are millions suffering from dental problems and finance is one big reason that keeps people from getting their treatment done” says Dr. Mohamed Ali, CEO at Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco.  “To make treatment convenient for everyone we are now accepting Anthem BlueCross BlueShield PPO medical insurances. This has already helped many of our patients get their treatment done conveniently, with their medical insurance paying for their treatment. We will take full care of your health, comfort and convenience because we want to see you smile.” With Anthem taking care of dental implants and bone graft treatment costs along with Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, taking best care of your oral health, our patients need not worry about anything.

Hear from some of our patients who got dental implants at Implants Pro Center™:

“My life has changed ever since Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, have started accepting Anthem BlueCross BlueShield medical insurance policies. I had some missing teeth and life was very difficult for me, with major restrictions on what I could eat and the way I smiled.” “Dr. Mohamed Ali and his staff at Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, are very kind. They are very attentive to all their patients and treat them with royalty. They listen very well to the needs of every patient and there’s no such thing as feeling pain for treatments. I got my dental implants along with bone grafts done with my medical insurance Blue Anthem covering the expenses. My implants are gorgeous and I can’t help but smile big all the time!” Call Us At 415.481.0778 To Schedule Your FREE Consultation With Implants Pro Center™ Practice in San Francisco

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