Getting Dental Implants With The Yomi® Robotic Technology In San Francisco, CA

Yomi Dental Implant Surgery Robot

When people think about robots, they might not picture them helping a dental provider. However, a few cutting-edge doctors are delivering incredible patient results thanks to robotic technologies like Yomi® in San Francisco, CA. In fact, the Yomi® robot is transforming the dental implant placement experience for individuals with failing or missing teeth.


What Is Yomi® Robotic Technology In San Francisco, CA?

The Yomi® robot is not an actual robot like one might see on TV or the movies. A better way to describe Yomi is as a robotic arm. The arm serves as a tool that can be used by the doctor during treatments like dental implant placement surgery. Consequently, Yomi does not perform the surgery but instead serves as a guiding “assistant” to the doctor.

What does Yomi do during a surgical procedure? The Yomi robotic arm guides the doctor’s arm throughout dental implant surgery. As the doctor makes movements, the Yomi robot can ensure that every pre-planned move happens with complete precision. At any time, the doctor can use his surgical expertise to make other adjustments if needed. But Yomi is there to give an added layer of certainty that the surgical proceedings are going according to plan.

Does Yomi Offer Any Special Patient Advantages?

When a skilled doctor performs dental implant surgery with the assistance of Yomi in San Francisco, CA, patients can be sure that they are getting some added benefits. Some of the biggest ones are:

A Minimally Invasive Experience:

Because Yomi is present, the doctor can perform surgeries more quickly and with less trauma to the patients mouth. A minimally invasive surgery means faster recovery.

A More Comfortable Surgery:

Patients often ask about the discomfort they might feel when undergoing dental implant placement. When combined with sedation dentistry techniques and other advanced technologies, Yomi makes surgical procedures go by faster and with greater comfort.

A More Reliable Outcome:

The majority of doctors who have invested in Yomi are already world-class surgeons. Nevertheless, having Yomi increases their incredible accuracy even more. As a result, patients can expect more dependable results—and that means getting the beautiful and functional smile that they deserve.


Can A Dental Implant Doctor Offer Yomi® In San Francisco, CA?

Finding the right doctor to perform your dental implant surgery is critical. At our modern, experienced, and friendly office, patients can restore their smile. Get in contact with Dr. Mohamed Ali at our Implants Pro Center San Francisco office by San Francisco, CA to schedule an appointment today!

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