How Can A PerioLase Dental Laser Help Me In San Francisco, CA?

Dental Periolase Laser

When it comes to advanced dental equipment, dental lasers have arisen as some of the most breakthrough tools. When handled by trained doctors and staff, dental lasers can offer patients tremendous treatment benefits. If patients are considering getting dental implants, need help managing periodontal disease or peri-implantitis, or have ailing teeth that can be saved, they should get treated with the PerioLase dental laser in San Francisco, CA.


What Makes A PerioLase Dental Laser In San Francisco, CA Unique?

Like many dental lasers, a PerioLase dental laser emits light. However, the light is not a regular form of light. It is an intense burst of energy that can quickly and efficiently take the place of a traditional scalpel or related instrument.

What makes the PerioLase dental laser different is its pulsing wavelength calibration. The PerioLase dental laser is calibrated to emit its light-based energy at 1064 microns. In the human body, 1064 microns is the same electrical wavelength emitted in the heart, cells, etc. Consequently, when the PerioLase dental laser stimulates an area, the area responds positively and naturally to this pulsing rhythm.

What Are The Benefits Of A PerioLase Dental Laser?

Because the PerioLase dental laser has been built to mimic the body’s own electrical wavelength cadence, the laser offers some important benefits when used in a clinical dental setting:

Faster Healing:

Growth and healing of bone and gum tissue begin immediately after treatment with a PerioLase dental laser in San Francisco, CA. This is critical for patients who want their recovery periods, after procedures such as dental implant surgery, to be as quick and dependable as possible.

Reliable Results:

When used by a trained, confident doctor, the PerioLase laser offers predictable results. Fewer surprises translate to more ideal outcomes with a lowered risk of complications.

Patient Acceptance:

Patients of all ages can be treated safely with a PerioLase dental laser. The laser actually makes any tissue heal as if it were “young” tissue. This means that older adult patients treated with the PerioLase dental laser can enjoy the same healing time as younger patients.


We Can Treat You With A PerioLase Dental Laser In San Francisco, CA

Are you interested in working with a doctor who has invested in the latest dental technologies such as the PerioLase dental laser? At Implants Pro Center, Dr. Mohamed Ali regularly uses the PerioLase dental laser to perform a variety of procedures and protocols.

Yet the PerioLase dental laser is just one of many technologies Dr. Ali depends upon to give patients the experiences they deserve. Others include an in-house digital lab and robotic-assisted surgery.

Come to our office for a consultation to discuss how the PerioLase dental laser can help you. Get in contact with Dr. Mohamed Ali at our Implants Pro Center San Francisco office by San Francisco, CA to schedule an appointment today!

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