Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey - Laser Technology

Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey 2.4G diode is the latest diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. The equipment is a revolutionary wireless power control. The Odyssey 2.4G is a machine which makes the dentist at Implants Pro Center™ deliver most efficiently because it is portable, affordable, it has wireless power control and is compact. It features the unique fiber management systems and the newest innovations together with wireless power control. 

What does Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey 2.4G diode soft-tissue laser do?

The dentist at Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, use the Odyssey Diode Lasers, which can cut and coagulate at the same time, enabling immediate hemostasis and less tissue charring.  The postoperative healing time is lesser and fewer post-operative complications. There is no chance of infection. The laser performs minor surgical procedures which reduce bacteria from the region at the same time. Often stitches are not required for laser wounds.  Since many soft tissue procedures around the gingiva can be accomplished without anesthesia for greater patient acceptance and comfort. It is a dental laser used for oral soft-tissue surgery and laser periodontal procedures.

Comparatively, conventional methods and instruments or tools such as scalpels, contribute to patient discomfort because they involve steel, pressure, and mechanical friction to cut soft tissue. These methods and devices often result in excessive bleeding, swelling, and severe pain, as well as a need for postsurgical dressings

Benefits of Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey 2.4G diode soft-tissue laser:

  • Allows ample freedom in any dental operatory
  • Precise and minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Convenient operation

Why is Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey 2.4G diode soft-tissue laser suitable?

  • High affinity for soft tissue
  • Greater flexibility and more comfortable operation
  • A valuable tool for soft-tissue dental applications
  • First-ever wireless power control and unmatched portability
  • Works without the disturbance of another cord
  • A simplified control panel provides four convenient settings
  • Simple programming
  • Adjustable parameters can also be used in the manual context
  • Advances the dentist’s ability to perform at the highest standards

Key features /components of the Odyssey 2.4G and 4G diode soft-tissue laser:

  • Unique fiber management system
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Ergonomic handpiece design
  • Semi-conductor “chips” made from Aluminum
  • Gallium and Arsenide, together usually referred to as AlGaAs
  • Elliptical-shaped show of monochromatic light
  • Focuses into a tiny point
  • The wavelength produced by the diode is in nanometers (nm) 
  • Produces invisible non-ionizing  thermal radiation
  • Does not create changes in cellular DNA 
  • The diode is air-cooled
  • The safety system includes a selection of an emergency shut off switch. 

At Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, we accept Medicare, and dental and medical PPO insurances, thereby reducing your worry about the cost of dental implant treatment or any oral surgeries. We also have a tremendously experienced and caring staff who will provide life-long care, maintenance, and support. Implants Pro Center™, San Francisco, is also equipped with all the modern technologies like CT-Scan, Intravenous Sedation, Platelet Rich Fibrin, Ivoclar Vivadent - Odyssey 2.4G diode soft-tissue laser, etc. to provide nothing less than the best of services. You will be completely at ease for any of your procedure. Feel free to get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation.

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