Surgitron® 4.0 Dual RF – Process | Benefits

Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF 120 generator is geared for doctors who want to execute advanced surgical procedures. It is an electric surgical knife that allows for the instant cutting and coagulation of bleeding blood vessels. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz decreases heat dissipation and thus cellular modification. The system produces 120 watts of power and performs at 4.0 MHz in a monopolar mode and 1.7 MHz in the bipolar mode.

The primary advantage of Surgitron is that it allows surgical procedures to be performed with much less cellular damage than surgery done by other electrosurgical units. Research shows that there is 73% less thermal spread with ellman® Surgitron than with the Bovie® or ValleyLab® low-frequency generators. The studies also show a statistically significant advantage for the Surgitron 4.0 Dual by Ellman.

How does the Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF Technology Work?

The Cellular Radiowave Absorption has:

  • High-frequency Radiowave energy has a powerful affinity for water.
  • Targeted tissue/cell readily absorbs energy due to high water content.
  • Intracellular pressure increases as water molecules expand.
  • Volatilization results in cell conversion to vapor. The process emits steam which aids in coagulation.
  • Cellular interaction enables meticulous precise dissection with tissue preservation.

Some of benefits / features of the Ellman Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF are:

  • Digital control panel for proper parameter selection and viewing outstanding control and precision
  • Solid State Circuitry for dependability and consistent energy emission
  • It needs fewer safety precautions as compared to lasers or conventional electrocautery
  • Visual and Audible Safety Indicators – to ensure maximum patient safety
  • Parameter Recall allows rapid set-up for subsequent procedures
  • Reduced post-operative discomfort
  • Maximum readability of histologic specimen
  • Enhanced healing as there is less tissue destruction, the patient recovers faster
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Detachable Power Plug
  • Easy-access fuses
  • Isolated Circuitry for Safety
  • Digital Dosage Power Readout
  • Unique 3-button Fingerswitch for waveform activation
  • Computerized “Auto Start-up Test” with fault indicator
  • 4 Waveforms and five modalities (including bipolar)
  • Return monitor for safety (audio and visual)
  • Effective, user-friendly design
  • Autoclavable, Disposal Handpieces, and Neutral Plates
  • Adjustable Volume for activation indicator
  • Output power memory
  • Dual Frequency – combining two optimized frequencies Monopolar (4.0 MHz) and Bipolar (1.7 MHz) for high control and precision

Five distinct ways Surgitron® 4.0 Dual RF can be used

1. Fully Filtered (Cut)

  • Micro-smooth cutting
  • Negligible lateral heat
  • Minimal cellular destruction
  • Best cosmetic results and fastest healing
  • Ideal for skin incision and biopsy

2. Fully Rectified (Cut/Coag)

  • Cutting with hemostasis
  • Ideal for subcutaneous tissue dissection and planing.
  • Especially useful in vascular areas while producing minimal amounts of lateral heat and tissue damage

3. Partially Rectified (Hemo)

  • Coagulation / Shrinkage
  • Ideal hemostasis with controlled penetration
  • For cutting with maximum hemostatic control

4. Fulguration

  • Maximum penetration and hemostasis
  • Ideal for intentional tissue destruction

5. Bipolar

  • Pinpoint, micro-coagulation
  • Minimal charring or tissue necrosis
  • Ideal for coagulation in and around critical anatomy

The Surgitron 4.0 Dual RF has the below-mentioned specifications:

  • Wavelength: Radio Frequency – Monopolar and Bipolar
  • Maximum Frequency
  • Monopolar: 4.0 MHz
  • Bipolar: 1.7 MHz
  • Consumption: Maximum 120 W
  • Indicated Uses: Surgical Procedures
  • Bipolar Forceps x2
  • ACe-Tip Non-Stick Forceps x1
  • Bipolar Cable IEC-JX/B
  • Lap/Endo Monopolar Cable IEC-UC
  • Dual Frequency Footswitch and Cable
  • MicroInsulated Needle Handpiece with Locking Chuck
  • 3-Button Fingerswitch Blade Handpiece with Locking Chuck

The patented Surgitron® Dual RF™ Frequency unit represents innovative radio-wave technology that provides unparalleled surgical control, precision, and versatility.

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