What Is The Process Of Placing Full Mouth Dental Implants In San Francisco, CA?

a full mouth dental implant model with dental tools.

In terms of treatment breakthroughs for tooth loss, dental implants remain some of the most life-changing advanced treatments. Dental implants are designed to not just replace teeth but to restore the function and beauty of the patients mouth. For those who are missing a full arch of teeth, full mouth dental implants in San Francisco, CA can give patients a long lasting and restored smile.

Along with being a preferred alternative to dentures, full mouth dental implants can be customized to fit every patient’s smile. Continue reading to learn more about the process of how full mouth dental implants can be placed.


Consultations And Evaluations For Full Mouth Dental Implant’s In San Francisco, CA

Not surprisingly, a patient’s journey to invest in life-changing full mouth dental implants will begin with a thorough consultation. During the patient’s consultation, they can expect to answer a lot of questions about their health history and goals. Their answers can help the doctor understand their case much better.

As part of their consultation process, patients can undergo an examination. Digital impressions and a cone beam CT scan (CBCT scan) can be taken to help design their individualized treatment plan. The doctor may feel that their diagnostics indicate that they need to combine other treatments with their full mouth dental implant surgery. These additional treatments could be gum disease procedures, the extraction of failing teeth, or bone grafting procedures.

Once the patient and the doctor agree on what the procedure plan will be, all surgical dates will be arranged. The patient can also set up any financial arrangements to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible.


The Full Mouth Dental Implant Surgery Process

Before the full mouth dental implant surgery begins, the patient can be given the appropriate type of sedation dentistry. While under sedation, the doctor can then utilize Yomi® robot-assisted technology to ensure the precise placement of each dental implant. After the patient’s dental implants are strategically placed, the doctor can attach a temporary denture or prosthetic teeth to them. That way, patients can leave their surgery with a brand-new smile.


Recovery And Healing After Full Mouth Dental Implants Are Placed

For a few months after the patient’s full mouth dental implant surgery, their jawbone will start to fuse with their dental implant posts. This process is called osseointegration. When it is complete, the patient’s dental implants will be completely stabilized and able to support their custom-made fixed denture or prosthesis. The fixed prosthesis can even be made from a solid block of Prettau Zirconia.

With the valued patient’s final denture or prosthesis securely cemented into place, they can eat what they want and forget about ever having to deal with dentures or missing teeth again. While each patients smile is unique and full mouth dental implant treatment proses’ can be different from patient to patient, this is the general treatment process for full mouth dental implant procedures.


We Can Place Your Full Mouth Dental Implants In San Francisco, CA

Of course, the steps to receive full mouth dental implants cannot start until you schedule a consultation with a reputable dental implant doctor like Dr. Mohamed Ali. At our highly advanced and compassionate office, you can be given quality care and treatment outcomes that can last for years to come.

Ready to be treated with full mouth dental implants? Get in contact with Dr. Mohamed Ali and our team of professionals at our Implants Pro Center© San Francisco office to schedule an appointment today! We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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