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Dental Air Purifier Control Panel

Viruses, chemicals, bacteria, microbes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and your mouth is open? Air purifiers help us to reduce our risk of infection inside our hospital. You visit our office to treat your dental issues and get your dental implants done. Still, it’s also a place where chances are there to get infected by many airborne viruses. Dental offices can be a vital source of contaminants, irritants, and even unwanted particles that can affect our health and well-being. Increasingly, dentist offices are identified with an urgent need to address our indoor air quality, particularly as we consider reopening for business amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. To prevent sickness and improve treatment, this can be accomplished by using high-quality air purifiers. Our properly vaccinated dental team, proper handwashing, personal protective equipment, hand gloves, gowns, face masks (preferably with fluid shield), face shields, hair protection, and goggles/eyewear are the other preventive steps toward the infection control at Implants Pro Center, San Francisco. Through the air purifier filtration system, our patients will feel in good health with fast recovery. Upon the speedy recovery and discharge, we may appreciate doing everything to provide clean, fresh air while removing indoor contaminants. And we are using commercial air purifiers which provide dual filtration. 

U.S. Department of Labor’s report says that the most at-risk professions within the dental community are dental hygienists, dental assistants, prosthodontists, general dentists, and dental laboratory technicians. As early as 2010, large-scale studies were conducted to assess indoor air quality at the dentist and find the possible solutions. In this case, both ventilation and air quality were pinpointed as being the prime opportunities for improvement.


The infection control in dental setup aims:

  • To protect both the patients and members of the dental team from catching infections during the dental procedures.
  • To bring down the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the dental office and also during the dental procedures.
  • To set a high standard of cross-infection control when treating every patient.

During this pandemic, even though we are practicing strict hygiene measures to clean the air as our regular infection control practices, but air purifiers are badly required for every dental office for several reasons:

  • The risk of cross-transmission in a dental healthcare setting, where viruses and bacteria are high in numbers both for workers and patients.
  • The vulnerability to aerosols from the oral cavity increases dental staff hazard, as these include pathogenic microorganisms.
  • It is also mentioned by the U.S. Department of Labor that dentists are in the top hundred least healthy professions, partly due to regular air exposure to hazards.
  • Job risk is assessed based on how “unhealthy” it is, with scores calculated based on exposure to disease/infection and contaminants’ exposure.


Advantages of air purifier:

  • Air purifier reduces allergy and asthma triggers, harmful chemicals, gases, and odors in the air.
  • Air purifier protects from toxic volatile organic compounds and microbiological contaminants.
  • Nitrous oxide can cause little disorientation to the staff’s long-term health issues if the room is not ventilated correctly. 
  • Air purifier protects from mercury vapors from exposure during the amalgam fillings and its’ removals. The mercury from these vapors can travel to the kidneys, liver, intestines, heart, brain, and other organs, very fast, causing severe chronic health issues.
  • Protects from bioaerosols, that may lead to adverse effects on respiratory function and cause lung function impairment
  • Air purifier traps the aspergillus fungus spores inside the filter, thus, beneficial to asthmatic patients.
  • Removal of tuberculosis bacilli from the air (tuberculosis containing droplet nuclei are approximately 1-5 microns in diameter).
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular health.


Air Purifier Dental Products

There are a few methods whereby an air purifier can adequately clean our dental office. This will lessen the threat of disease transmission and keep our patients and us safe. There are various kinds of air purifiers for dental practices that work in different ways. Good dental air purifiers need to capture drill aerosols, abrasion powder, vapors, and other contaminants, including mercury. This requires advanced filtration that can purify air down to a tiny size.

To sum up, we can say that infection control in dental practice is a vital issue. Any lapses in it could be detrimental to both patients and the dentist’s health. Control and prevention of airborne infection are gaining importance in dental setups because many viruses and bacteria are transmitted through this route. Due to their highly effective technology in reducing bioaerosols’ level and other advantages, the air filters prove to be an excellent means of controlling airborne infections in dental clinics. It helps in providing better indoor air quality. We are pleased to use the best technology and provide the best possible facility for our patients at Implants Pro Center, San Francisco.

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