Plaque And Tartar Removal From Dental Implants

Cleaning ProcedureDental implants with their crowns look, feel, and function like your natural teeth, but for durability, some additional attention is required while cleaning the dental implants. Maximizing plaque removal from implanted teeth before the crowns are in place starts the day of the implant procedure. Even though the dental implant area will be sore and […]

Usefulness Of Teledentistry During COVID-19

Dental Manager On The PhoneAs we all witness, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken our lives by storm, especially those people who are suffering from various ailments facing a tough time due to the non-availability of proper healthcare. In this scenario, where every person is worried about their life and scared beyond any normal behavior and situation, oral health is […]

Precautions Taken In Office For Our Patients

"As a doctor, it is truly frustrating to see patients in serious pain, looking for help, and I cannot provide them with solid solutions and a surgery date. I, too, have to take cues from the hospital system and government. Some surgeons thought that we would end up with a large spike of patients having […]

Dental Checkup – How Often | Need

Dental Checkup – Why Is It Important? When most people look at their calendar for the year, they don’t often note how many times they’ll be visiting the dentist as a part of their regular dental checkup routine. The problem that occurs from this general pattern is that often when people do visit their general […]