Usefulness Of Teledentistry During COVID-19

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As we all witness, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken our lives by storm, especially those people who are suffering from various ailments facing a tough time due to the non-availability of proper healthcare. In this scenario, where every person is worried about their life and scared beyond any normal behavior and situation, oral health is at risk. Patients with dental issues are in a dilemma over available options to deal with their uncontrollable toothache, bleeding disorders, or other serious oral health issues. Even those who have minor queries do not contact the dental health specialist due to the prevailing situation. That’s when the teledentistry comes into the picture.

In a holistic combination of telecommunications technology and the internet, dentistry has yielded a relatively new and exciting field with endless potential. The use of teledentistry as a means to improve access to oral health services in areas with inadequate general and specialty dental care is emerging as a practical solution in emergency aid, initial consultation, and expert opinion. Like other healthcare professionals, dentists can also use every option to offer dental care to those in need sans, exposing them to unneeded risks and expenditures. By using simple devices like smartphones, computers, or laptop webcams, dentists can see the patients at the comfort of their homes, thereby eliminating their risk of infection. 


Understanding the concept and challenges

Compared to traditional techniques, teledentistry is an approach that acts as a new way to educate the community with the help of technology like a smartphone. Many studies done in the field have highlighted the ease and reliability of this technology-based approach. As it rapidly gains momentum, teledentistry has its roots long back in the past. The concept of teledentistry was introduced in early 1990. It was in later years that defined the practice of using video-conferencing technologies to diagnose and advise about treatment over a distance.

However, teledentistry is yet to become an integral part of the mainstream oral healthcare system due to a lack of central vision and financial obstacles. There is also a requirement for enhanced public awareness of telehealth advantages for consultations, education, and post-operative follow-ups. Currently, one of the significant challenges is to get the travel history of the COVID-19 patients as they might conceal information, leading to risk for care providers.


Still need to keep need-based clinics open

Despite the benefits of teledentistry, it is also essential to clinics running as all the treatments such as dental implants, tooth extractions, tooth damages, etc. demand urgent attention. As a leading dental office, and with a great sense of responsibility, Implants Pro Center San Francisco, has initiated both teledentistry and provides in-person care. In a time when not all private dental offices are accessible.

We have started not only elective surgeries but also all other treatments as there are patients with immense pain and discomfort, besides problems that can only be treated at home for a day. With more successful applications shortly, teledentistry will be just another way to access an oral healthcare system. Notwithstanding some unresolved issues, it holds tremendous potential for the future. The current times only prove it. 

Communication is pivotal in an era of information overload from numerous sources. Communication and education are needed at different levels between dentists, allied health care professionals, and connection to patients and communities. Dentists need to find the right way to articulate knowledge and information to prevent fear-mongering among patients and stimulate awareness by being honest and transparent. Digital hybrid learning platform helps to create awareness, regulate important information through social media platforms, or conduct webinars to influence more people positively. Also, there is a need for telementoring in dentistry to curb panic and fear and communicate facts. The pandemic has allowed us to educate the masses about preventive care, which was earlier considered a sidebar in treatment. One shouldn’t also underestimate the patient’s knowledge and ability and their right to seek all relevant information.

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