Dental Implants For Front Teeth

Dental Patient Missing His Front Tooth

A dental implant means a small screw usually made of titanium alloy, which can replace individual teeth and the entire jaw’s missing teeth. It is embedded in the jawbone and linked to dental prostheses, which restore missing teeth. Dental implants are also called as artificial roots and fixtures. Dental implants are sometimes used to support loose, removable dentures or in combination with orthodontic treatment. A front tooth implant looks like a real tooth as it is designed to emerge from your gum like a natural tooth.

Lost teeth are indeed a loss. As upper teeth are the most visible in a smile, they seem to be the most vulnerable, whether by a vehicle collision, contact sports injury, or fall. When a tooth goes missing, this open gap is more than a deterrent to a smile’s appearance. Its ability to support closer teeth to maintain their proper positions is also lost gradually. It doesn’t take much time for the teeth on either side to lean inward into space or tilt out of place. As with any missing tooth, the goal, especially with a smile’s appearance, is to replace them.  


If you are not going for dental implants, the following problems may arise:

  • When the regular bite is disrupted, it can also lead to teeth clenching and grinding. Bruxism ultimately can result in worn teeth and become worse with time.
  • Bite misalignment can arise problems that involve the jaw joints or the TMJ. Typical issues linked with the TMJ are headaches, migraines, ear ringing, dizziness, jaw popping, sore jaw joints, difficulty opening the mouth thoroughly, sore facial muscles, and even neck-ache.
  • When the bone mass rejects, the tooth roots adjacent to the bone loss area are at risk. This tends to stimulate a whole new set of issues.
  • As each tooth has roots, and the roots are held in the jaw bone, which provides assistance and stability to bite and chew. When there is a missing tooth root, the bone no longer gets stimulation or nourishment, resulting in the bone’s shrinking.
  • As the bone rejects in the area where tooth roots are missing, the neighboring teeth lose their foundation for support. Gradually, they become so vulnerable that they are at a higher risk.
  • Another issue that arises is appearance. When bone loss of front teeth takes place, it can even conceal itself in a not-so-flattering way. Thus, the shrinking bone eventually reveals a significant space between the bridge and also the gums.

The requirement to replace missing teeth is essential. Although a crown and a bridge can replace a missing tooth or teeth, they do not replace the presence of a tooth root. Dental implants can do this, halting the repercussions of bone loss. Some people become worried that they will have to go without teeth when going through the dental implant process. This is not the case. Although the implanted portion may need several months to become integrated with the bone, we place ‘temporaries’ to provide a natural-looking smile. Hence, patients feel comfortable during the ‘healing phase.’ Also, we offer same-day dental implants procedure to save your time and patience. 

And for some people, the only obstacle is the cost of the implant. While dental implants may seem more expensive to some people, the investment is prepared to last a lifetime. With proper care, your dental implants last as long as you do! Our financial coordinator has helped many dental implant patients manage the fees without straining their budget through accessible, interest-free payment plans. We also help to reduce dental implant costs through strategic implant planning and placement. With advanced implant dentistry skills, we can often put one dental implant that assists two or more replacement teeth. Since implant treatment costs are decided according to the number of implants used, this helps keep treatment fees to a limit.


The best time for dental implants

As soon as possible! If you have decided to replace a newly lost tooth, we may fix the dental implant into the existing socket. This reduces the placement procedure, so healing time is lesser. Additionally, rapid replacement also allows us better to preserve the natural contours of your gum tissues. This can delete the need for reshaping gum tissues to restore the natural arch and ‘dips’ of gum tissues that arch each tooth.

In all procedures, the patient’s comfort is our high priority. For fearful patients or those who want added relaxation during these long appointments, we offer oral or I.V. sedation for complete relaxation. Both have an amnesiac effect and also quick recoveries. Sedated patients are minutely monitored by trained staff and advanced safety equipment. For your information, we have started using Yomi Robotics, the first-ever robot-assisted implant technology in Implants Pro Center, San Francisco.

While accidents occur in nearly every life, let’s hope your smile is never lost! If it is, we are always here to help restore your smile and oral health through advanced technology, techniques, and materials. Find out today how dental implants can change your life. At Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, we take all primary dental and medical PPO insurances and Medicare. You are thereby decreasing your anxiety about the expense of dental implant treatment or any oral surgeries. A tremendously experienced and caring team will give life-long care, maintenance, and assistance. Implants Pro Center© is also decked with modern technologies like CT-Scan, Intravenous Sedation, Platelet Rich Fibrin, etc. to present nothing less than the best services. You will be entirely at ease for any of your surgeries.

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