Dental Implants For Seniors

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It’s good to be extra careful with age and continually work to keep our bodies healthy by doing a proper diet and regular exercise. Oral health plays a big part in staying healthy as well. This comes in the form of better oral hygiene, including routine dental check-ups and teeth cleanings. Despite our efforts, however, some of us lose a few teeth with age. But, the good news for seniors is that dentures are not the only option for replacement teeth.

Are you worried about missing teeth or gaps in your smile? If you’re an older adult who’s missing teeth, these kinds of dental woes are more frequent than you think. Statistics depict that around 70 percent of adults are losing at least one tooth – and as you age, it’s widespread to lose additional teeth. But with the replacement options like dentures and dental implants, you don’t have to live with an imperfect smile. 


Why Dental Implants for Seniors? 

Dental implants are fixed through a surgical procedure by a prosthodontist or periodontist. These specialized dental professionals fix tiny metal rods to the jawbone. Once these rods have attached to the bone, a connector is connected, and we place an artificial crown on top. We use local or general anesthesia during the procedure. If needed, we give over-the-counter pain medications for faster dental implant recovery. While some general dentists used to perform the dental implants procedure, it’s essential to keep in mind that Implants Pro Centre, San Francisco, is the same day dental implants center with specialized doctors trained in the field of implant dentistry. Our dental laboratory and technicians are onsite to prepare your custom teeth. For this, we can complete the procedure in one day, and you’ll leave with a brand-new set of teeth that feel and look like your own. 

Dental implants surgery is quite comfortable, easy for seniors to regain the natural look and chewing capabilities of their mouths. It improves the facial look and also the overall quality of their lives. A comment we used to hear from our senior patients is that they wish they had done it sooner! 


Why Are Dental Implants A Good Option?

  • Better eating– Implants helps in the full restoration of biting and chewing capabilities of the seniors, which once caused pain and irritation for them. With the full bite restored, they can quickly eat fruits and vegetables. Our patients enjoy the improvement in their overall health by having nutritional benefits from eating a variety of foods. Proper chewing also helps the digestive process, which is another significant health advantage.
  • Better facial appearance – You’ll enjoy those photos with the grandkids when you can smile and laugh your heart out. Dental implants offer seniors the opportunity to smile again, sans being worried or embarrassed by lost teeth. Looking and feeling good about yourself has many other benefits as well.
  • Economical – Dentures can sometimes break and need maintenance. Dental implants are a one-time investment and a permanent dental solution too. Dental implants have cost benefits over the long-term. 
  • Implants are more comfortable to care for – Dentures sometimes slip, become stained quickly, and be removed for cleaning. But, dental implants are fixed in place permanently and cared for just as natural teeth are. They also result in less discomfort than dentures. 
  • Dental implants are permanent, but dentures are not – Dental implants are permanent, while dentures are removable. Though dentures and dental implants are entirely customizable, dentures are not permanent and can pose problems for seniors later. Dentures can slip out of place very often while you’re talking or eating, and they can rub on your gums and make you feel uncomfortable. However, you won’t face any of these problems with dental implants. Dental implants won’t move or make you feel uncomfortable; in fact, you’ll use them just like your natural teeth when you speak and eat. It is an investment for a lifetime.
  • Dental implants exactly match your natural teeth – Among the plenty of perks caused by dental implants, the natural look of it is the biggest one. These can be shaped and colored exactly matching your teeth; they’re completely customizable – and no one recognizes that it is artificial. And like your own natural teeth, dental implants are evenly rooted in your jawbone that secure and create a perfect fit, filling any space in your smile. Your dental implants are sturdy. Hence, you’ll also never need to worry about the fittings or adjustments.
  • Dental implants can achieve better oral health – In addition to all of the advantages of dental implants, they also play a significant role in seniors’ oral health. As you age, missing teeth can eventually cause bone decay and loss in your jaw. Those space in your smile can result in your teeth to move around, and your body can begin absorbing the bone – offering you a more sunken look. Dental implants, however, can save this from happening. As because implants behave like natural teeth, they keep your jawbone healthy and help to preserve their shape and structure. You need not worry about the issue of bone loss atrophy or other degenerative problems.


So, if you’re worried about what will happen to your smile as you grow older, you need to give a thought over going for dental implants. You can go for a consultation and check if dental implants will be a good option for you. And once they’re in place, you’ll enjoy the freedom and a full, sparkling smile.

Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, offers a consultation at your convenience. You can learn more about dental implants and Implant Pro Center’s treatment approaches. Find out today how dental implants can change your life. At Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, we take all primary dental and medical PPO insurances and Medicare. You are thereby decreasing your anxiety about the expense of dental implant treatment or any oral surgeries. A tremendously experienced and caring team will give life-long care, maintenance, and assistance. Implants Pro Center© is also decked with all the modern technologies like CT-Scan, Intravenous Sedation, Platelet Rich Fibrin, etc. to present nothing less than the best services. You will be entirely at ease for any of your surgeries.

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