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Dental Patient Undergoing Procedure With Extraoral Suction

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we keep trying different ways to be more confident about everyone’s safety and protection. In light of this pandemic, we’ve stepped up our already top-notch infection control protocols and took exceptional steps to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. After our careful and extensive research, we are ended up having a filtration system, i.e., a brand new Extraoral Dental Suction System. In addition to the strict guidelines from the CDC and the “universal precautions,” we are delighted to announce that we have brought more safety to the dental care we provide by keeping an eye on the protection of our patients and staff. 

The Extraoral Dental Suction System helps kill the high-volume of droplets and aerosols produced during dental treatment. This system has a high medical-grade filtration system, a UV light disinfectant, and the capacity to remove germs and viruses. For a better and safe environment to serve our patients’ dental needs, we have taken care of everyone’s protection. We have safety protocols like safety eyewear, mask, gloves, etc., and sterilized all instrumentation and our whole office. We are much confident and happy that the Extraoral Dental Suction is also a part of our safety protocol.

During oral treatment, the high-speed handpiece, ultrasonic scaler, or the powder scaler, bacterial aerosol, or droplets, which involves a lot of saliva and blood, would pollute the doctor and the patient’s health seriously. The extraoral suction unit uses intense suction pressure and a tremendous flow rate. The 75mm suction pipe full mouth sucker can achieve a tremendous suction flow rate, far more than negative pressure suction, which reduces the cross-infection risk of doctors and patients significantly. Highly efficient plasma sterilization (80 million plasma) and HEPA filter (high-efficiency air purification) ensure clean exhaust gas. Mute casters at the lower and top ring handle designs can meet the needs of the convenient movement. The universal suction arm can meet the needs of the appropriate position control. Quickly mounted full mouth sucker, quick removal, and installation, disposable use, avoid cross-infection.


Advantages of the extraoral dental suction system:

  • External Oral Suction Device helps reduce the risk of cross-infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health.
  • The high-power suction motor has strong suction, large flow, high vacuum, excellent performance, and long life.
  • Double activated Carbon plus HEPA high precision filter and quadruple filtering.
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance, which can work continuously for more than 4 hours.
  • Negative pressure adjustment can be easily adjusted according to our clinical needs, realizing human-machine coexistence.
  • It produces low noise, almost no increase in noise value when used with scaler, handpiece, etc.
  • Quickly solve harmful substances such as air-liquid droplets, aerosols, cutting dust, and odors in the clinic or laboratory.
  • Durable suction power, equipped with a wide-mouth suction hood, collects the harmful specks of dust quickly at the source of your mouth. Also, suction efficiency can reach 97%.
  • It has suction, filter, and disinfection power.
  • When you start opening the Dental External Oral Suction, it can nicely capture the aerosol emerging from the mouth of the patient. Including the splashes of the spray mist rebound and droplets having cooling water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria. This mixture depicts a high risk of infection.
  • The gas created by the dental external oral suction passing the primary HEPA plus activated carbon will filter out the particle larger than five μm.
  • The gas from the primary HEPA plus activated carbon passes the secondary HEPA. Also, activated carbon will filter out the particle larger by more than 0.3 μm.
  • The filtering efficiency of this technology is as high as 99.9%.
  • The filtered gas then passes through built-in UV light and plasma disinfection sterilization. After becoming a clean gas, it will be expelled from the Dental External Oral Suction.


You may choose our office for the following reasons: 

  • We have the top-notch infection control protocols: We have always been diligent and proactive regarding cleanliness. We also keep seeking ways to improve ourselves (such as this new air filtration system!).
  • We provide you the best technology possible: We don’t cut corners on your health and safety. We use to invest more in the latest technology and treatment techniques to deliver exceptional dental care.
  • We always keep ourselves informed and up-to-date: We strictly follow and keep up with the ever-evolving recommendations from ADA, CDC, and OSHA.


We are much confident that the Extraoral Dental Suction is an excellent addition to our safety protocol. An extraoral suction system is crucial to a dental office’s defense. Dangerous aerosol particles made during the dental treatment contaminate your operatory with bacteria and viruses. These invaders can last in your office for hours or even days! This leads to safety risks for patients and staff alike. This technology is designed to effectively suction these aerosols, filtering 99.995% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. For more information about extraoral dental suction, please call our office today at Implants Pro Center.

We are pleased to use the best technology and provide the best possible facility for our patients. Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, offers a consultation at your convenience. We are also following all the COVID-19 safety guidelines in our office. Find out today how dental implants can change your life. At Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, we take all primary dental and medical PPO insurances and Medicare. You are thereby decreasing your anxiety about the expense of dental implant treatment or any oral surgeries. A tremendously experienced and caring team will give life-long care, maintenance, and assistance. Implants Pro Center© is also decked with modern technologies like CT-Scan, Intravenous Sedation, Platelet Rich Fibrin, etc. to present nothing less than the best services. You will be entirely at ease for any of your surgeries.

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