Importance Of Bone In Dental Implants

Bone Graft Model

When you wish to replace your teeth, few things need to be considered, and trusting a dentist to explore different therapeutic options is probably your first job. Having healthy and sufficient bone is the significant criteria a dentist looks before going for any surgery. Dental implants offer various benefits if you’re the right candidate! Mostly bone grafting is in applying dental implants to restore an edentulous area of a missing tooth. In general, bone grafts are either used in the block (such as from chin or ascending ramus area of the lower jaw) or articulated, to be able to adapt it better to a defect.  

If scans reveal that your jaw lacks enough density and height to assist implants, bone grafting becomes mandatory. During the procedure, your oral surgeon gives additional bone to your jaw. Once you have healed from this surgery and the new bone starts integrating your body, you may go for your dental implants. If the bone graft procedure is relatively minor in a few cases, both bone graft and dental implants are done simultaneously.


Implants and Your Jaw Bone: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

One of the reasons your dentist at Implants Pro Center, San Francisco, may recommend implants is that this tooth replacement method can prevent bone loss after tooth extraction. Each implant acts as a natural tooth root, bonding with your body, and stimulating blood flow to the jaw, so it stays secure and healthy. But for the implant to use its bone-saving power, it first needs to have a strong base of support. If there is an insufficient bone mass or bone width to hold an implant in place, it will not correctly osseointegrate — that is to say, it won’t bond with your body as well as it should.


How Does Bone Grafting Work?

Your oral surgeon will suggest a bone graft, considering your unique circumstances about dental implants. In most cases, the bone comes from another part of the body of the patient. This is more beneficial as the bone comprises the patient’s cells and therefore has no risk of transmitting new diseases. In other cases, the bone may be taken from an animal or a human donor. Modern dentistry has also evidenced the advent of artificial grafting materials for our ease.


Risks Associated with Bone Grafting

Bone grafting carries little risk of infection and a few other issues. However, your oral surgeon will be extra cautious to ensure that you have the best chance of coming through your entire implant process sans a hitch. You also have to play a significant role in protecting yourself from problems; you must follow your surgeon’s instructions after the bone graft heals, as quickly as possible, and have the least discomfort.

You can make a great dental implant patient if:

  • You have healthy, firm gums that sans gum disease.
  • You have better jaw bone strength and sufficient jaw bone density to assist and hold your implant correctly.
  • You are committed to improving your oral health at any cost.
  • All you have to do is to get stimulated to repair and restore your precious smile. Even if you have present gum disease or less bone density than needed, your dentist will work with you to improve those conditions before implant placement.


The Need for Bone Grafts

Placement of dental implants needs sufficient bone volume and also biological quality. This is due to the implant’s macro design, which demands specific dimensional properties for long-term success. 

Other factors which make bone grafting mandatory are:

  • The resorption of the edentulous ridge post-extraction
  • Presence of bony defects because of trauma or infection
  • The need to place implants in strategic sites for functional and esthetic success. In esthetic areas, soft tissue requires a bony base since “soft tissue follows hard tissue.”

Bone grafting is a remarkable process that may be what you need to take advantage of dental implants’ benefits. If you have questions about this treatment, your oral healthcare provider will be happy to talk to you.


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