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Since ancient days, missing teeth issue is either solved by uncomfortable dentures or expensive dental implants. But in recent times, Osseointegration has become the focus of modern implantology, which provides a newer method of fixing missing teeth. This implant technology is known as ‘mini dental implants,’ which is quite comfortable, attenable, and affordable, especially for elderly people. These implants are half the size of traditional dental implants that need less-complex surgical techniques because of their shortened diameter. These implants are resulting in high survival rates, favorable marginal bone loss, and provides better satisfaction and quality of life for patients.

Mini dental implants used to have a single piece of titanium screw along with a ball-shaped head for denture stabilization or a square prosthetic head for fixed applications. Usually, conventional dental implants are placed under the gum. But mini dental implants are extended over the gum surface when they are placed into the bone. Mini dental implants are a way out when patients who express dissatisfaction with conventional dentures or when the standard dental implant is impossible. At our San Francisco office, we offer mini dental implants to help people who have limited economic capability.

Also, mini dental implants are used only in particular cases:

  • If you have small teeth
  • For front teeth replacements
  • Premolar replacement
  • Teeth located in a narrow space

As mini dental implants need much less hardware and a faster procedure, they are very cost-effective as compared to traditional implants. The recovery and discomfort are minimal, and the results are just as permanent as conventional dental implants. These days, most of the patients are attracted by mini dental implants. Instead of spending their time and money recovering from dental implants or settling for uncomfortable dentures, they go for mini implants, which gives them a permanent, comfortable solution. Here, the patients can return to your usual dental hygiene routine almost immediately after having your implants placed.

Significance of mini dental implants?

The importance of mini dental implants is growing day by day because of the following:

  • An increase in the need for complete dentures
  • Least expensive
  • Easy accessibility of dental care, especially among economically disadvantaged patients
  • The better option for the medically compromised patients who can’t avail traditional surgical procedures or ridge augmentation procedures
  • Increased interest in implant dentistry among general dentists

The longevity of mini dental implants?

The longevity of mini implants vary depending on several factors. Some of the elements are; osteoporosis or other bone diseases, smoking habits, implant care procedures, alcohol or substance abuse, etc. And as the bottom line of every mouth is different, two different people who avail to the same mini dental implant on the same day may experience different life spans of their dental implants.

Who can’t avail mini dental implants?

The patients who are medically unfit for the treatment, shouldn’t go for mini dental implants. Before any clinical medicine, the prospective patients must be minutely examined about all known risk factors and oral conditions related to oral surgical procedures and subsequent healing.

The patients having the following issues need to avoid mini dental implants:

  • Vascular conditions
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Clotting disorders
  • Anticoagulant therapy
  • Metabolic bone disease
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Chronic periodontal inflammation
  • Insufficient soft tissue coverage
  • Metabolic or systemic complications associated with wound and bone healing
  • Use of pharmaceuticals that inhibit or alter natural bone remodeling
  • Disorders inhibiting patient ability to maintain adequate daily oral hygiene
  • Uncontrolled parafunctional habits
  • Insufficient bone height and width
  • Insufficient interarch space 

How do mini dental implants differ from traditional implants?

Usually, a traditional implant is more expensive than mini dental implants. The conventional implant is made of two pieces with an external screw that penetrates the bone, with a diameter larger than 3mm. Inside the dental implant, there is a thread that is compatible with many different types of dentures. And unlike the traditional dental implant, mini dental implants are a single solid piece that screws into the bone with a diameter smaller than 3mm. On top of the device is a ball-shaped protrusion, which supports the dentures. 

Indeed, it has been a challenge since ancient times how to replace the lost teeth. Dentures were considered as the only solution in the past era. Still, advancement in science and technology has brought us a new solution called ‘mini dental implants.’ Mini implants are adhesive and secured. And more security means more comfort and more natural use of the tooth. Mini dental implants are used when you need a smaller than average dental implant to fit into an extra narrow space. Often, you’ll see mini-dental implants used in place of incisors or someone with generally small teeth. Before starting any treatment, the dentist needs to examine you thoroughly. In our San Francisco office, we have a team of skilled and well-trained dental experts who will discuss with you whether mini dental implants are right for you or not! This long-term solution will undoubtedly bless you with a much confident smile. 

Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, offers a consultation at your convenience. You can learn more about mini dental implants and Implant Pro Center’s treatment approaches. Find out today how mini dental implants can change your life. At Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, we take all primary dental and medical PPO insurances, along with Medicare, thereby decreasing your anxiety about the expense of dental implant treatment or any oral surgeries. A tremendously experienced and caring team will give life-long care, maintenance, and assistance. Implants Pro Center©, San Francisco, is also decked with all the modern technologies like CT-Scan, Intravenous Sedation, Platelet Rich Fibrin, etc. to present nothing less than the best of services. You will be entirely at ease for any of your surgeries.

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