Dental Implants For Lost Back Molars

Dental implants are the only substitute for missing teeth, which includes an artificial tooth root (is like a tiny screw and is made of titanium). The implant fuses with the bone once the artificial tooth is placed in the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. If you have missing back molars issue, you should consult a dentist that provides dental implants. As the back molars help to chew food correctly, it may create excessive pressure on the front teeth while eating. Hence, dental implants are the best way to preserve the integrity of your jawbone and the most realistic way to replace missing teeth. 

The molars which are located in the interior of the mouth are the second molars which arrive at around the age of twelve. The majority of people do have these molars extracted because of insufficient space. The second molars are significant for better chewing. They also help in keeping the health of your jawbone and remaining teeth intact. Even though the people having no second molars can chew comfortably. Still, in the long term, it creates problems like gum disease, decay, trauma, or other related issues.

How Does Missing Back Molar Affect?

A missing back molar negatively affects your ability to chew, and it also loosens your confidence to smile. And the other teeth may move from their correct positions to fill in the empty gap left behind by the missing molars. Patients who have a missing rear molar issue should go for their tooth replacement options. The dental implants are the most preferred option to get the most functional, aesthetically pleasing artificial tooth possible.

The Procedure Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a better option for missing teeth. The surrounding bone will form a connection with the titanium surface of the implant, which allows the implant to function in the most natural way that a natural tooth root does. Therefore, an implant-supported crown will be more stable and functional for missing back molars. 

To successfully install dental implants, a patient’s jaw must have sufficient bone to form a solid bond that will provide proper support. If the bone loss occurs, the dental implant may fail before time. Therefore, it’s always suggested to pursue dental implant placement as soon as possible. Because delay may cause tooth loss before much jawbone atrophy has developed, usually, your case will be carefully evaluated by your dentist or oral surgeon to learn about whether you are a proper candidate for immediate dental implant placement. If the dentist realizes that you have already suffered too much bone loss, you may be asked to undergo a bone graft for inserting supplemental bone material at the implant site. Even though a bone graft will extend the length of your treatment, it’s a worthy investment to improve the rate of success.

You may be able to restore a lost back molar by a dental implant. And a bone graft can help you to access this treatment if bone loss problem arises. You may book an evaluation with one of our oral surgeons at our San Francisco office to learn more about your treatment options for tooth loss.

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Some factors that help make you the right candidate for dental implants include:

  • Good overall & oral health
  • Be free of any immune system disorders
  • Be diabetes-free
  • Be a non-tobacco user
  • Have good jawbone health
  • Be free of gum disease

In a nutshell, we can conclude that dental implants are the best option to restore lost back molars because they function and appear just like your natural teeth. They provide a natural and functional tooth. By replacing missing back molars, it is ensured that your remaining teeth will be intact as before (properly aligned). Another risk involved here is that the opposing molar could continue to grow from the gums and eventually shift too far because there is no opposing tooth to stop it. This could spoil and ultimately lead to the loss of another tooth. The best way to find out what dental implants can be well suitable for your mouth is to consult with our oral surgeon.

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