Dental Implants For Receding Gums - Reasons | Treatment

Receding gums or gum recession is a situation in which the bone that works as the base of your teeth begins to recede, leaving the roots of teeth exposed. This results in an increased risk of tooth decay and the significant loss of your teeth. Also, this could result in increased tooth sensitivity, making eating more tough and far from pleasurable. Gum recession is one of the most known complications in implant dentistry, which leads to both aesthetic and functional issues. It is often because of poorly positioned dental implants with extreme inclination or tilt or insufficient bone and gum tissue. Patients having such complications report receding gum tissue, large implant crown, asymmetry, and pain related to peri-implantitis (inflammation around dental implants). You may visit our San Francisco office to have a chat with our specialized dentists to learn more about it.

Reasons For Gum Recession

Proper dental implant position and enough bone and gum tissue are the crucial factors in achieving success. If the treating dentist puts the dental implant too far out or with excessive tilt, the gum tissue starts to recede. This happens much faster when the gum and bone tissues are already missing or are very thin. The result is poor aesthetics with a large crown, gum recession, grayish gum tissue color, and poor accessibility for hygiene. For some patients with gum recession, an implant dentist can use bone graft and tissue or gum graft to reinforce the jaw and gums for successful implant surgery. With a bone graft, the jawbone can be augmented or increased slightly to better support an implant.

To prevent this issue, the dental surgeon must place the implants in perfect position and angulation using digital dental implant diagnostics and proper planning. Also, bone and gum tissue must be there or augmented via grafting if insufficient. It all starts with the simulation of the planned tooth and bite. A cone-beam CT scan (CBCT) is used to assess the quality and quantity of bone. Then an optical scan of teeth is done. By the digital merging of these files, and virtual simulation, the surgeon can then properly plan and position the implant in the proper angle. In the end, the gum tissue is shaped through either a customized healing abutment or an implant-supported provisional restoration (prototype).

Treatment For Receding Gum Tissue

The only effective and predictable treatment is to take off the dental implant by using reverse torque. The dental surgeon will then recreate the missing gum tissue and bone before the replacement with a new dental implant in the perfect position using digital workflow in diagnostics and planning. The overall treatment may take as long as 9-12 months, but the result will be more aesthetic and stable for the long term.

One of the adverse effects of gum recession is a significant loss of jaw bone. This occurrence can prevent the placement of dental implants. The good news is you can opt for bone grafting as an ancillary procedure before dental implants. Patients with excessively receding gums may also require to go for a gum graft. Ultimately, the procedures such as bone and gum grafts may stretch the timeline of your dental implant treatment. But, luckily, the condition doesn’t stop you from being a candidate for implants.

During your evaluation of dental implants, the dentist needs to study the strength of your gums. Because the success of the dental implant depends on the amount of healthy gum tissue that is available, the gum tissue and bone tissue cannot merely grow back into the previous position, natural or artificial gum and bone can be grafted in the required area. The grafting procedure increases the support that is necessary for a successful implant. The grafting enhances the aesthetic value along with the improvement in the success rate of the dental implant. Properly shaped and the positioned gum tissue will contribute to a more natural-looking result. We encourage you to visit our San Francisco office to discuss treatment options with implants, their benefits, and concerns, as well as just being involved in your care. 

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